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Master list of all entries in this year's big bang

Here it is - the wrap-up for this year's big bang. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

Please remember to comment and let the writers and artists know if you've enjoyed their work.

Look at What the Bot              Dragged In

Look At What The Bot Dragged In

Story by Kerensa
Art by The Black Sluggard

Summary: Rudy is kidnapped. The guys find out more about the scientist than they ever dreamed.

Door Prizes for the              Battered and Broken

Door Prizes for the Battered and Broken

Story by Laguera25
Art by Subaru

Summary: John is sure the doctors did their best to put him together again, but so many pieces are still missing

Running on Empty

Running on Empty

Story by Patt and Morgan Briarwood
Art by Thenizu

Summary: Plagued by nightmares and sleeplessness, John is given a stark choice - quit his job or get therapy and sort out his issues once and for all. At first, quitting seems like his best option, but thanks to his Dorian's stubbornness (and a little help from their friends) he finds he has something worth living for after all.

Download all projects in ebook format: epub format | mobi format | Printable pdf
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