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Morgan Briarwood

Posting begins tomorrow!

Everything is in place, and we're ready to begin posting for our first Almost Human big bang!

Posting will begin tomorrow (Monday) and continue with a new story each day until we run out of stories. Unfortunately that won't take long; we only have three.

Each story has been beautifully illustrated by our artists and will be available as a regular web page and also as an ebook. For ebooks there are three format choices: PDF, epub and mobi, which should cover most modern e-readers. Mobi is compatible with Kindles, and the PDFs are sized so they can also be printed if you're one of those people who likes to read from real paper.

Writers and artists: as soon as the big bang copy of your story is posted in this community, you are welcome to repost it elsewhere.

Lastly, from Patt and myself, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. They might have cancelled our show, but they can't kill our love for it!
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