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Reminder about rough draft artist submission.

Hi everyone,

This is your friendly neighbourhood mod reminding all TSBB artists that we require a rough draft of your work by 15 July at the latest.

A rough draft is required only so the mods can confirm you are working on something - it can be very rough - no one is going to judge it or anything like that. If your art is pictures, you can just send a copy of whatever you've got so far. If you're working in some other media - music, video and so on - a short cut or even a screenshot of your workspace will do the trick.

This is important because, as mods, Patt and I need to ensure that every big bang story has some artwork to go with it. If we don't receive a rough draft by the deadline, we will immediately start looking for a pinch hitter for your assignment. There are no exceptions to this and no extensions on the deadline for rough drafts. If you're worried you won't be able to get online on the 12th, send it sooner, not later. Rough drafts should be sent to AlmostHumanBigBang at gmail dot com. Please include the project name or number in your email so we can match them up.

Final Art Submissions

The final deadline for finished artworks is 27 July but this deadline can be flexible if you need more time to polish your work. Just email us and ask.

For this big bang, all stories and artworks are posted, initially by the mods. If you are creating artwork that needs to be presented in a particular way, for example at a specific point in the story, please let us know when you submit it. If you submit by the deadline you will have a chance to preview the final post and request changes before it's live for everyone.
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