Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) wrote in almosthumanbang,
Morgan Briarwood

Writers' Checkpoint #4

This is the final writers' checkpoint for our big bang.

The deadline is past, the stories all in. Art claims will begin on Monday. Signups for artists will stay open until then so there's still time to join in.

Why are we asking you to check in again? This isn't a check on your progress; rather this is your chance to show off your story and get everyone excited about the big bang to come. So if you have a story in the big bang, post a comment and tell us something about it. Post a short exerpt, if you like (no more than about 300 words, please), or perhaps just a line or two to tease the readers.

As always, the checkpoints are optional, but I really hope you'll join in this one, even if you skipped the others.
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