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Welcome to Almost Human Big Bang

Mission Statement

Almost Human Big Bang aims to bring together the creative talents of Almost Human fandom in a fannish fiction and art fest. The first Almost Human Big Bang takes place in 2014; we hope this will become an annual event.

A Big Bang is a showcase of creative talent in fandom, and fandom has a lot of talent. Writers and fan artists collaborate on on projects and the end result is a fest of Almost Human stories, non-fiction essays, artworks and multimedia for everyone to enjoy!

Challenge Moderators

The mods for the challenge are Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) and Patt Rose (pattrose). We've been running the sentinelbigbang since 2010 so we have some experience at this. We plan to run this Big Bang on similar lines - a bit different from some BBs but the basic concept should be familiar.

Taking part in the challenge

The almosthumanbang community on Livejournal will be used to co-ordinate the challenge and to collate all the stories and other fan works.

The challenge is open to all fans of Almost Human, whether they are Livejournal users or not. The mods will do everything we can to make the community and the challenge accessible to those who prefer not to use Livejournal.


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Big Bang rules
Big Bang FAQ
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Writers' submission guidelines
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Artist signups - closes June 16
Cheerleader request post - closes March 3
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