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Posting poll

The way most Big Bangs work, writers submit a rough draft ahead of artist claims. The rough draft is what the artist has to work with and illustrate, then both writers and artists post their own work on a specified date. Sometimes they'll work together on the postings, sometimes they won't.

In the sentinelbigbang which Patt and I also run, we do things a little differently. Writers are required to send a final version of their work to the mods before art claims open. Artists share their work with the writer, but also send their final copy to the mods before the posting deadline. The mods create all the posts and announce each finished project in the community.

This has several advantages: we are able to create a professional look for all the stories and artworks. Each work is unique, of course, but there's a uniform presentation. We can also offer multiple reading formats: not just a web page, but also e-books and a zine-style printable PDF.

It also has a disadvantage: the final deadline crops up a bit sooner and, while we can be flexible about extensions, there are limits.

Writers and artists are still free to post their work anywhere else they like as soon as their Big Bang page has gone up.

Since this is a new fandom, new Big Bang, new people, we decided to ask you all how you would like to do this. We'll finalise the rules and schedule based on what our participants decide.

Please only vote in the poll below if you are participating (or plan to participate) in the Almost Human Big Bang in some way (writer, artist, cheerleader and/or beta).

Poll #1953880 Posting preference
This poll is closed.

How would you prefer the Big Bang posting to happen?

The traditional way: writers only need a rough draft before art claims, and everyone posts their own work
The other way: all final works go to the mods and the mods do the posting.

Please feel free to add your opinion in the comments.

The poll will close on 23 February.
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