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Artist signups

Sign up below to take part in the Almost Human Big Bang as an artist.

“Art” for the Big Bang refers to any creative fan work that is not written. It can mean traditional art, manips, etc. but could also be fanvids, music mixes, podfics...and much more. Anything you can post on a web page. You'll be signing up to produce at least one piece of art to accompany or illustrate your assigned project. (Exception: if you only make icons, we ask you to create at least three.) You are, of course, welcome to do more, but that's the minimum!

You won't be assigned a project to illustrate until June, because we won't have drafts from the writers until then. But you can sign up early, or wait until the end of summer if you prefer. We will post reminders before artist signups close.

Artists will have some choice over the project they are assigned but there is no guarantee an artist can be assigned their first preference.

How to sign up:

Before you sign up, please read the rules and FAQ posts in this community. Even if you're a Big Bang veteran, this one may be a bit different from what you're used to so it’s important you understand how things will work.

Sign up by commenting on this post with the following information:

Name: (this is the name you use as a fan artist)
LJ name: (if applicable)
Email address:
Do you prefer to create your art for gen, slash, het?
Can you work with crossovers(assuming you are familiar with the crossover fandom)?
Is there anything you absolutely won't create art for?
Would you be willing to illustrate more than one fic?
I have read and understand the Big Bang rules: (This is very important. If you do not confirm you have read the rules and understand them, your signup will not be accepted.)

Handy copy/paste version:

If you don't want to post your email in a public post, you can email the mods with this information separately (almosthumanbigbang at gmail dot com), but you must sign up by commenting on this post.

Artist signups will close on June 16.

Art claims will open on June 16. That’s not a misprint: signups will remain open for the first day of artist claims - this is to allow for last-minute signups on that day. But please do sign up early if you intend to take part: it helps the mods enormously if we know in advance how many artists we will have.

Hopefully, everyone who signs up will want to claim a project or two in June. But we understand that's a long way off and things can change. If you want to withdraw your sign up, you can do so any time before artist claims just by deleting your comment on this post or by commenting again to let the mods know. But you don't even have to do that; if you decide not to claim a project when the time comes, the mods will assume you've dropped out. No harm, no foul.
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