January 27th, 2014

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Beta request post

The Big Bang rules state that all written projects must be beta-read.

The mods won’t force anyone to use a particular beta. If you’ve got someone you usually work with, you can go ahead and continue to work as you usually do. But for those who don’t usually work with a beta reader, or who want to work with someone new, this post is one place you can look for a beta for your big bang story.

Writers: please comment with brief details about your project (fiction or non-fiction, genre, pairing, length). Alternatively, reply to any beta who has offered her services below to request her help.

Please don’t ask for a beta until you’ve got at least part of your project written. A beta needs something to work with. If you need help before you’ve really begun you may be better off asking for a cheerleader, which is a separate post.

Beta readers: please reply to writers to offer your help or leave a comment of your own to offer your services. Please say something about your strengths as a beta (plot, grammar, character voice etc.) and whether there is anything you would not want to beta (e.g. any pairings you dislike).

We recommend you track this post so you will be notified by LJ when a new beta request is posted in the comments.

The mods will watch this post and we’ll try to ensure that every writer who asks for help gets a beta reader. Don’t forget, though, that this isn’t the only place you can look for a beta reader. A lot of other forums and communities in the fandom allow beta requests, too. If you know of any specifically for Almost Human writers, let us know in the comments and we'll add them to this post.
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Cheerleader request post

What's a Big Bang "cheerleader"?

Well, it doesn't involve pom-poms :) A cheerleader's job is to encourage a writer to write her Big Bang story. You'll be cheerleading for a specific author, and you'll agree between yourselves what is the best way you can help. Basically, you're there to gently prod your writer to keep writing, perhaps read parts of the project in-progress, to help her brainstorm ideas if she hits a writers' block and generally, well, cheerlead.

Signing up as a cheerleader does not obligate you to beta-read, though if you want to beta as well, that's between you and your writer. You can find a bit more information in our FAQ.

The cheerleading part of a Big Bang seems to work really well for some writers, but not so well for others, so taking part in this element of the challenge is completely optional. Cheerleading assignments will not be imposed by the mods, because for a writer/cheerleader relationship to work, you’ve got to be compatible personalities. Only you can decide that, so we ask poential cheerleaders to offer their services directly.

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Cheerleader requests/signups will close on March 3.

(Note: you can still request or sign up as a cheerleader after this date, but the mods will no longer watch this post after 3 March, so it’s up to you to match yourselves up.)
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Artist signups

Sign up below to take part in the Almost Human Big Bang as an artist.

“Art” for the Big Bang refers to any creative fan work that is not written. It can mean traditional art, manips, etc. but could also be fanvids, music mixes, podfics...and much more. Anything you can post on a web page. You'll be signing up to produce at least one piece of art to accompany or illustrate your assigned project. (Exception: if you only make icons, we ask you to create at least three.) You are, of course, welcome to do more, but that's the minimum!

You won't be assigned a project to illustrate until June, because we won't have drafts from the writers until then. But you can sign up early, or wait until the end of summer if you prefer. We will post reminders before artist signups close.

Artists will have some choice over the project they are assigned but there is no guarantee an artist can be assigned their first preference.

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Artist signups will close on June 16.

Art claims will open on June 16. That’s not a misprint: signups will remain open for the first day of artist claims - this is to allow for last-minute signups on that day. But please do sign up early if you intend to take part: it helps the mods enormously if we know in advance how many artists we will have.

Hopefully, everyone who signs up will want to claim a project or two in June. But we understand that's a long way off and things can change. If you want to withdraw your sign up, you can do so any time before artist claims just by deleting your comment on this post or by commenting again to let the mods know. But you don't even have to do that; if you decide not to claim a project when the time comes, the mods will assume you've dropped out. No harm, no foul.
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Writer signups

Comment below to sign up as a writer for the Almost Human Big Bang.

You are signing up to create an Almost Human-related written project (fiction, meta or a combination of the two) of at least 10,000 words.

You must submit a draft of your project by 12 June. Whether this is a rough or final draft depends on the outcome of our poll.

Signing up is a statement of intent; if you sign up but find you can't finish by the submission deadline, you can drop out with no penalty. Submitting your rough draft (if we go with that way of doing things) is considered a commitment to have a final version ready by the deadline.

Drafts are due on 12 June. There are no extensions for rough drafts because art claims open a few days later. Extensions to the final deadline can be negotiated with the mods.

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Hopefully, everyone who signs up will submit a project or two in June. But we understand that's a long way off and things can change. If you want to withdraw your sign up, you can do so any time before the deadline just by deleting your comment on this post or by commenting again to let the mods know. But you don't even have to do that; if you decide not send in a project when the time comes, the mods will assume you've dropped out. No harm, no foul.

Writers' Signups are now CLOSED.

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Posting poll

The way most Big Bangs work, writers submit a rough draft ahead of artist claims. The rough draft is what the artist has to work with and illustrate, then both writers and artists post their own work on a specified date. Sometimes they'll work together on the postings, sometimes they won't.

In the sentinelbigbang which Patt and I also run, we do things a little differently. Writers are required to send a final version of their work to the mods before art claims open. Artists share their work with the writer, but also send their final copy to the mods before the posting deadline. The mods create all the posts and announce each finished project in the community.

This has several advantages: we are able to create a professional look for all the stories and artworks. Each work is unique, of course, but there's a uniform presentation. We can also offer multiple reading formats: not just a web page, but also e-books and a zine-style printable PDF.

It also has a disadvantage: the final deadline crops up a bit sooner and, while we can be flexible about extensions, there are limits.

Writers and artists are still free to post their work anywhere else they like as soon as their Big Bang page has gone up.

Since this is a new fandom, new Big Bang, new people, we decided to ask you all how you would like to do this. We'll finalise the rules and schedule based on what our participants decide.

Please only vote in the poll below if you are participating (or plan to participate) in the Almost Human Big Bang in some way (writer, artist, cheerleader and/or beta).

Poll #1953880 Posting preference
This poll is closed.

How would you prefer the Big Bang posting to happen?

The traditional way: writers only need a rough draft before art claims, and everyone posts their own work
The other way: all final works go to the mods and the mods do the posting.

Please feel free to add your opinion in the comments.

The poll will close on 23 February.
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Page-A-Mod post

With apologies for spamming your pages today - this is the last Big Bang post of the day, I promise.

The challenge schedule, Big Bang rules and the Big Bang FAQ posts should answer most questions you have about the challenge. You'll find links to all of these in our 'Mission statement' post which is a sticky-post in the almosthumanbang community. We'll keep that post updated as the challenge progresses.

However, if you have a question and can't find the answer there, you can use this post to contact the mods and we'll answer your queries.

Or email us privately at mods at almosthumanbigbang@gmail.com

Please do not email us (Patt or Morgan) at our personal email addresses with questions about the Big Bang. We work together as a team on this and it's really important we're both in the loop when there are questions or problems.