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Cheerleader request post

What's a Big Bang "cheerleader"?

Well, it doesn't involve pom-poms :) A cheerleader's job is to encourage a writer to write her Big Bang story. You'll be cheerleading for a specific author, and you'll agree between yourselves what is the best way you can help. Basically, you're there to gently prod your writer to keep writing, perhaps read parts of the project in-progress, to help her brainstorm ideas if she hits a writers' block and generally, well, cheerlead.

Signing up as a cheerleader does not obligate you to beta-read, though if you want to beta as well, that's between you and your writer. You can find a bit more information in our FAQ.

The cheerleading part of a Big Bang seems to work really well for some writers, but not so well for others, so taking part in this element of the challenge is completely optional. Cheerleading assignments will not be imposed by the mods, because for a writer/cheerleader relationship to work, you’ve got to be compatible personalities. Only you can decide that, so we ask poential cheerleaders to offer their services directly.

Here’s how it works:

Writers: if you would like a cheerleader to work with you, please leave a comment on this post. Describe (briefly) your planned project and include a warning about any material some readers might prefer to avoid: you don't want a cheerleader to quit partway because she can't bear to read something you're writing about.

Cheerleaders: read through the comments and reply to the one you feel you can help with. You can offer to cheer more than one if you wish.

Writers: if you want to accept a cheerleader's offer, reply to them. At that point, you can contact each other privately to work out how best you can work together. Please do make a clear reply on the post, because the mods will need to know if there are any stories or cheerleaders left unmatched.

The mods will watch this post and we’ll try to make sure every writer who asks for a cheerleader gets one, and every potential cheerleader has a writer to work with. We can also mediate between writers and cheerleaders if you have any problems as the challenge goes on.

Cheerleader requests/signups will close on March 3.

(Note: you can still request or sign up as a cheerleader after this date, but the mods will no longer watch this post after 3 March, so it’s up to you to match yourselves up.)
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