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Almost Human Big Bang
Beta request post 
27th-Jan-2014 07:00 am
Almost Human 1
The Big Bang rules state that all written projects must be beta-read.

The mods won’t force anyone to use a particular beta. If you’ve got someone you usually work with, you can go ahead and continue to work as you usually do. But for those who don’t usually work with a beta reader, or who want to work with someone new, this post is one place you can look for a beta for your big bang story.

Writers: please comment with brief details about your project (fiction or non-fiction, genre, pairing, length). Alternatively, reply to any beta who has offered her services below to request her help.

Please don’t ask for a beta until you’ve got at least part of your project written. A beta needs something to work with. If you need help before you’ve really begun you may be better off asking for a cheerleader, which is a separate post.

Beta readers: please reply to writers to offer your help or leave a comment of your own to offer your services. Please say something about your strengths as a beta (plot, grammar, character voice etc.) and whether there is anything you would not want to beta (e.g. any pairings you dislike).

We recommend you track this post so you will be notified by LJ when a new beta request is posted in the comments.

The mods will watch this post and we’ll try to ensure that every writer who asks for help gets a beta reader. Don’t forget, though, that this isn’t the only place you can look for a beta reader. A lot of other forums and communities in the fandom allow beta requests, too. If you know of any specifically for Almost Human writers, let us know in the comments and we'll add them to this post.
30th-Jan-2014 10:14 am (UTC) - Offering my services
Hey guys, I'm excited about the AHBB and looking forward to participating in any way I can!

My strengths lean toward grammar, proofreading, and Oxford commas (see what I did there?) I'm also unafraid to check facts, clarify timelines, make suggestions toward character motivations, etc., while still respecting the artist's vision... If you like having someone to critique your work closely without criticizing, I would love to help you submit the very best work you can do!

Though I have yet to participate in a big bang for any fandom, I have written a number of fics for SPN and for a couple of smaller fandoms. In addition, I beta for another writer in the SPN fandom. Oh, and I have a master's in liberal studies, meaning that I am double-qualified to ask if you'd like fries with that and also to edit works of transformative fiction...

I have not yet decided whether I will be writing my own contribution to the AHBB. Maybe. We'll see if I can find the inspiration between now and the close of sign-ups.

Good luck!
31st-Jan-2014 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm great with SPaG, story flow, characterization, plot holes, any sort of alpha-work you need, etc. I'm also extremely well versed in robotics and cyborg theory so if you need help in that area, I'm your gal.

I cannot read selfharm/suicide, incest, noncon, bodily fluid kink. :)
16th-Feb-2014 08:56 am (UTC)
I know nothing about this show other than the basic concept. If you are desperate though, I'm happy to offer myself as a basic beta reader, for grammar, syntax etc, and also suggestions about plot inconsistencies, reasonableness checks etc. I won't be any good with characters or canon though!
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