Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) wrote in almosthumanbang,
Morgan Briarwood

Big Bang schedule

27 January - Signups open - Writers, artists, cheerleaders, betas
01 March - Writers checkpoint #1 - target 2,500 words (25%)
03 March - Cheerleaders signups close
05 April - Writers checkpoint #2 - target 5,000 words (50%)
03 May - Writers checkpoint #3 - target 7,500 words (75%)
31 May - Writer signups close
12 June - writers submissions due (final version)
13 June - writers checkpoint #4 - target 10,000 words (100%)
16 June - Art claims & Artist signups close
20 June - Art assignments confirmed
12 July - Artists checkpoint
15 July - Art rough drafts due (no extensions)
27 July - Art final copy due
1 August - Posting begins if 11 stories or more
4 August - Posting begins if 10 stories or less

This is the planned schedule for the Almost Human Big Bang in 2014. The schedule is subject to change.
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